Mr. Smith

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About US

“Who is Mr. Smith?”

It's a question that I am often asked. The answer I am always happy to provide is,“We all are”.

- Executive Producer & Founder, David W. Valentin


As veterans of the film industry, we understand that we are only as good as people we hire. Our talented artists, be it: animators, directors of photography, editors, composers, or sound designers; all bring a unique portfolio of talent to our productions.
Because Mr. Smith has the ability to source industry veterans and Oscar Award winning talent at many levels of the production process, we provide a magical blend of talent and experience that truly brings out the best in our productions. By creating collaborative partnerships across our team and the clients we serve, we are able to cultivate ideas and workflows that foster creativity, yet still deliver to the expectations of our clients.
We understand that creativity comes from tried and true processes, procedures and routines, which our team has learned from working for some of the most well known production studios in the film industry. Be it: blockbuster visual effects, super bowl broadcast commercials or transcendent web content, we approach each project with the same expertise and determination.  

our process

As an independent production studio, we understand fiscal constraints. However, we have also embraced the many ways our industry has changed and the scale at which we can deliver amazing cinematic quality within budgets previously unheard of.
Our intake process begins shortly after initial contact. We take the time to research our clients, their industry, and the challenges they may face. 
We work hard to understand our clients, their culture, and their purpose so that we can have a collaborative and productive working partnership. Everything we do is in service to our clients brand so it must be the best representation of who they are. We want to create an experience that is a call to action. In a world where viewers have multiple platforms, all media must capture a viewer's attention and accomplish multiple goals. Because of this, we strive to produce work that resonates with authenticity that will endure.