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-  Michael Graney Mulholland (MGM)  -


We had the great pleasure of meeting Michael Graney Mulholland prior to her seventy mile journey. Though, as soon as we found out that she would be embarking on this excursion, we knew we wanted to help in whatever way possible. 
We initially interviewed Michael, also known as MGM (as in Michael Graney Mulholland), in her office one week before her event. She had been prepping for months at that point, and in the meantime collected quite the impressive ensemble of backpacking equipment, much of which she proudly displayed for us during our interview. While in her office, we noticed lots of photos of MGM's family, photos of her running, wearing marathon bibs, and nicknacks that were placed around her office from her travels. As we spoke to MGM and filmed her in her office, she told us about her family and her life experiences. She explained to us her routes on her maps, the 30 pound load that she would be carrying throughout the process, and her sleeping arrangements at different campgrounds. MGM was so confident and excited for the journey ahead, but we still wanted to be there to help her in some way, even if just to give her some company for a short amount of time. So we decided to pack our gear and meet her in Point Reyes to film her on her journey, and bring extra food, snacks, and water to give her if she needed. Luckily we were able to help in a big way.

Point Reyes, CA

When we arrived to Point Reyes, CA, we headed directly to a hostel at which we expected MGM to be. At this point and time, MGM would be on her third day of hiking.
We found MGM catching her breath on a lawn chair, just outside of the hostel. She told us about how she had gotten lost along the way and ran out of food and water. Luckily we had plenty to give her.
Having already surpassed the number of miles she needed to hit by day three. MGM took the rest of the day to catch up on some much needed rest, and tend to her wounded feet. 
David and I stayed at a near by hotel that night in case MGM decided she wanted to finish her trip early, but the following morning at 6:00 AM sharp, MGM was ready to continue on to her journey and complete her seventy miles. We tagged along for a couple of miles filming her and chatting along the way, and saw her off at the her trail for the day. We hiked back to the hostel with MGM on our minds. A few days later we received a call from MGM herself asking for a ride back home, which we were of course more than happy to oblige.
Soon after filming this video we recorded a podcast talking about the journey and our experience with MGM. On it are some pretty hilarious stories, and a side of the trip that we weren't able to catch on camera. It's a great story, and we are very fortunate to have worked with such an amazing person, and made a new friend.
Thank you Michael for letting us come along on your journey.
- The Mr. Smith Crew
Feel free to take a listen to the podcast below!